Subject: Re: Question about installing on an A2000
To: None <>
From: Anthony Preston <>
List: amiga
Date: 12/19/1994 11:00:16
> >>>>> "Anthony" == Anthony Preston <> writes:
> >>  Hey, there are several non-contiguous memory patches out there, if
> >> you can compile your own kernel.  Patches have floated on amiga-dev
> >> at several times.  Either go to an archive (preferred) or ask me
> >> for a multisegmented memory patch.  Those two extra megs *will*
> >> make a difference as they will be used for the kernel which is the
> >> most important code to execute fast.  Just remember to use -p as
> >> option to loadbsd, or otherwise the kernel will end up in the
> >> 16-bit memory.
> >> 
> >> Niklas
> >> 
> Anthony>   Wait a minute... The VXL-30 memory autoconfigures as the
> Anthony> first 2 MBs of fast memory, then the rest of the 6 MBs
> Anthony> autofigures for 8 MBs of fast.  The memory is contiguous, I
> Anthony> don't have the VXL-30 memory mapped high(although if I could
> Anthony> get the 1 MB x 4 chips, I would have 8 MB 32 bit mapped high
> Anthony> and 8 MB 16 bit fast).
> Well, there are going to be two memory chunks anyway, with differet
> priorities.  However, with this setup you have yet another way to go
> (of course the multiple chunk patches still work), you can use
> mergemem from 1.3.  It'll merge your two contiguous chunks so they'll
> look as one.

  NO, I get one HUNK of FASTMEM, 8 MBs long from 2.04, even though I
do have 2 blocks of memory, they are contigous after AmigaDos starts
and they are listed in the exec memory list as one block of memory
8 Mbs in size.