Subject: Re: Question about installing on an A2000
To: Anthony Preston <>
From: Hubert Feyrer <>
List: amiga
Date: 12/16/1994 21:18:54
>   1) Is the CD-ROM accessable from the NETBSD?  Is there anything special
>      I need to do to have that available?

The kernel should have support for CDROMs compiled in and dir devices for it
should be present. Both facts are given every vanilla 1.0 installation.

>   2) Given that I want to:
>      a) Install NetBSD(latest version)
>      b) Do software developement, be able to re-built the system, ect
>      Then:
>      What size HD should I replace the 52 MB one with?  What is the estimated
>      space required to have NetBSD, GCC, plus source and objects on my

150 for NetBSD 1.0+x, 20 more for kernel-src, 150 more for the other
Isn't this in the INSTALL-file???

>   3) I currently run a BBS and maintain the Amiga Citadel BBS software.  I
>      have a vague idea of what I need to change(serial interface, ect..) but
>      I have been using SAS/C 6.3 and using short integers(to remain
>      with the IBM versions of Citadel for networking).  What difficulties do
>      you see with re-hosting from AmigaDos, SAS/C 6.3 w/ shortints to the
>      NetBSD/GCC environment?

Dump all cludgy, hardware-dependent software.


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