Subject: Kernel size
To: None <>
From: Stephen Anspach <>
List: amiga
Date: 12/16/1994 08:09:22
> > > It appears that the code used to build a floppy has grown
> > > too large for an 880K disk. It appears that the current
> > > code requires ~852K (while only ~807 is available).
> > 
> >   format drive df0: name crap ffs
> > 
> >   The latter part is, obviously, the key.  :)
> Actually, no. This is not an ADOS formatted disk, but a UNIX one.

  Hurm.  When I first installed NetBSD (early 1.0 pre-release days) I found
that all the necessary "stuff" (kernel, ixemul.lib, etc.) would not fit on
an OFS floppy, but just squeezed on an FFS floppy.
  I assume you're talking about GENERIC here.  I guess the solution is a
GENERIC-LITE kernel for floppy distribution.  The kernel I just built last
week without the excess baggage (but including the MFC3 driver, '040
support, and Picasso support) weighs in at ~787K.

                                    - Steve -

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