Subject: Re: multiple fdclose's in kernel.
To: None <>
From: Niklas Hallqvist <>
List: amiga
Date: 12/15/1994 23:38:13
>>>>> "Johanan" == Johanan L Codona <> writes:

Johanan> I tried to compile a new kernel based on the recent -current
Johanan> sources.  I tried both my old "release" config file as well
Johanan> as the A3000 file that was in the source tree.  Both failed
Johanan> the final link due to multiple fdclose definitions.

Johanan> Sure enough, both amiga/dev/fd.c and kern/kern_descrip.c have
Johanan> fdclose functions defined.

Johanan> What am I doing wrong.

Nothing really, it may just be like that when you're current.  However
as all anomalies on -current they're solved fast and in this case
there has already been patches over the amiga-dev list (which is nice
to be on if you intend to stay -current as opposed to 1.0, even if
you're not into kernel hacking just because you get to know these
things) and the last supscan of today (presented on current-users
which also is nice to be on when running -current) revealed that the
files fd.c and kern_descrip.c are now available for sup.  As all
readers of src-changes (which is nice to be on if you like much mail
traffic and want to be *really* up to date with -current) know, these
files were actually changed due to the fdclose conflict.

I haven't tested the last suppable sources, but rather developped the
fix myself at home, so I don'tknow if the last sup *really* fixed it,
but chances are high as it wasn't that hard to fix.  Conclusion: sup
away, right awy, and you're set.


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