Subject: Re: console & X screen?
To: Matthias Roessler <>
From: None <>
List: amiga
Date: 12/13/1994 15:03:27
-> writes:
->> Matthias Roessler writes:
->> ->Heiko Nardmann writes:
->> [...]
->> ->> Is there a way to tell X to use that dimensions the console uses?
->> ->"startx -- -W 1024 -H 1024 -D 1" works for me with my A2024 
->> ->
->> ->Using this I often have problems with the monitor detecting the change of
->> ->the resolution, so I use the iteconfig-method :-(
->>                                ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
->> does this succeed all the time ? i.e. to me those problems are independant
->> of the method to change the screen modes. Both iteconfig and X produce
->> sometimes a black screen.
->Yes. It works every time. The only malfunction could be the iteconfig-failure
->because of "Out of Memory" (I've 1MB ChipMem, only). This is independent of
->the "Black-Screen-Problem", isn't it?
My computer is an A3000 with 2MB CHIPmem. The error messages about 'not
enough memory' are not always correct; i get them too, especially when i
try to specify a screen resolution not supported by the A2024.
The problem seems to be more complex than i suspected, if it only occurs
with X on your machine, but with X _and_ iteconfig on mine.
Sometimes I even see parts of the old Workbench screen (n/4 or n/6 of the
sceen with n typically 1-3).
I have no information about how the A2024 hardware detects the special 
high resolution modes, but since the A2024 monitor file on the AmigaOS
side has no such problems, there must be a way to avoid them.
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