Subject: Re: /dev/audio works, (SPARC)tracker not
To: Geert Uytterhoeven <>
From: Timothy Newsham <>
List: amiga
Date: 12/09/1994 22:53:01
> > I've just checked out /dev/audio, and it works just great! :) Only 'tracker'
> > (V3.19) refused to work fully due to some missing ioctls (mainly AUDIO_FLUSH),
> > I guess.
> > 
> > Anyone got a working mod-player for NetBSD/amiga? :)
> Just a suggestion: Why not using 2 channels to play u-law encoded sound? 
> That way you can use one channel for 8-bit samples and the other channel
> to modulate the volume (6-bit) to achieve a net result of 14-bit (= full
> u-law linear range).

Strangely enough I was thinking about this and wondering if it was
possible, and if so, how practical it was.  Using volume to modulate
might not get you 12 bits.  There 8bit data and 6 bit volume but
many of the combinations of A x B are repeats, and not all values
can be obtained with A x B.  (btw.  volume x data just takes one
channel,  but the hardware does support modulating one channel with
another I believe, that would give you 8 bits each right?)
I guess its well suited to mu-law though since there are many
12-bit combinations that are not represented by 8bit mulaw codes.
This might work nicely but it would eat up all four of your channels
for stereo output.  I might look into this further later on as
an optional setting.

btw.  has anyone done this before?

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