Subject: Re: A3000 & NetBSD.
To: Andreas Heitmann <>
From: Danny Lepage <poutine@Vroomfondle.M3iSystems.QC.CA>
List: amiga
Date: 12/08/1994 14:26:32
cout << Andreas Heitmann
// >>>>> "le-cun" == le-cun bertrand jean-marie <> writes:
//     le-cun> Hello Guys,
//     le-cun> I have two problem with my A3000 running NetBSD-1.0.
//     le-cun> 1- When i try to boot in multiuser mode, the boot process
//     le-cun> fails.  There is a VM_Fault, MMU Panic, etc...  But, the
//     le-cun> single user mode Boot+ "exec /etc/rc" works fine.  Any
//     le-cun> idea ?
// The same for me, this seems to be a common problem. I'm booting in
// single-user mode and type exit at the prompt. When booting in
// multiuser mode the system crashes always. My configuration is A3000,
// NetBSD-1.0 (even though a bit outdated), Retina board, 4 HDs and a
// floptical drive.
// bye,
// -- 
//    Andreas Heitmann  (

What is your memory configuration, 4 Meg ???

I don't know if this is somehow related with your problem, but I
can't go or boot multi-user (VM-Fault, MMU Panic) when I 'loadbsd'
with the -m 4096 ?? (can't remember exactly, but it's the option
that let you specify the mem. conf. to NetBSD) on my 16Meg A3000.

I tried this on a Generic and my own user build A3000 kernel without

Maybe, the 'at least 4Meg of RAM' requirement for NetBSD-Amiga is no
longer valid ...

My 0.02$ cents worth.

Danny Lepage