From: Michael Greene <>
List: amiga
Date: 12/07/1994 14:34:00
 On Dec  5, 10:23am, wrote:
> >
> > I'm having similar problems.  I am installing NetBSD for the first time
> > on my Amiga 2000/030.  I have gotten as far as partitioning my disk and
> > creating a NetBDS boot floppy.  But when I type:
> >
> >    loadbsd -b netbsd
> >
> > it switches over to the NetBSD screen, lists about half-a-screen of system
> > information, and then stops.  No prompt or anything.  No way to then boot
> > to the NetBSD boot floppy.
> >
> > The netbsd file I was using was the standard distribution file that is
> > available on the standard ftp sites.  When loadbsd is running it says
> > A1200.  I suppose this is not a problem even though I have an A2000.

Ok, first my first installation of BSD went great. Also, the second went
right... I'm new to Unix and reinstalled after I figured out how it worked.
Last night I installed once again, I wanted to use one of my hard drives
just for BSD root and swap only.... so off I went - HDToolbox. I followed
the same steps as the first two installations. Now, I got to the scan for
root... and the installation program couldn't find it (installing from
floppy). So, after playing around and trying different stuff on the RDBs I
manually installed all HDs and files (newfs -- mount, just as in the install
script). I try to start it up-- got the same as above-- half a screen and
lockup. So, in a last try I set up the hard drive root, swap, and a 10 meg
ADOS area. Guess what, the install program found my root and NetBSD ran fine.

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