Subject: NetBSD, X and the EGS Spectrum
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: amiga
Date: 12/07/1994 07:24:16
Hello out there..

I have been reading the mailing list, and the NetBSD newsgroups for some time

I finally have decided to install NetBSD-1.0

I have an A3000 with 8 megs of fast ram and 2 megs of chip.  I also have an EGS
Spectrum graphics card, and would like to use X11R6 on my computer.

I am new to NetBSD, and would like to know of any experieneces anyone has had
with the EGS Spectrum Card running X.  A while back there were posts conserning
a generic Cirrus Logic Driver (experimental) which would work on ANY gfx card
using a Cirrus Logic chip.  Has anyone gotten X to work on an EGS Spectrum?

Any useful tips before I start installing?  (I am new to NetBSD).

Also, why does teh install doc talk about two install floppies, when there is
only one?  And what does the file extension .fs mean?  Its a floppy, but how do
I uncompress it to a disk?

Thanks in advance!

-Gene Ruebsamen