Subject: BFFS and Newfs -O (still fails)
To: Netbsd-Amiga List <>
From: Alan Kelm <>
List: amiga
Date: 12/06/1994 14:44:50
Thanks to those who replied to my post about BFFS and Newfs.

Martin Blom and Matthias Scheler both pointed out that I should be using
BFFS version 1.31 beta rather than version 1.3.    Switching to 1.31 
stopped the enforcer hits that I used to get whenever I mounted a BFFS 

Hubert Feyrer and Matthias also suggested that I put the BFFS into the 
RDB using HDToolBox,  and make the partition automount.

This made the partition convenient to use,  but the machine still locks 
up (repeatably)  when I use a copy command under AmigaDOS to copy several
files to the partition.  (Yes,  the partition was formatted under NetBSD
using "newfs -O").   After such a lockup,  the partition is trashed and I 
have to reformat it with a "newfs -O"  under NetBSD.

Andreas Johansson reported the same problems,  and observed that the 
problem does not occur when copying a single file,  but only when copying 
multiple files.   My experience is the same:  copying a 7-Meg tar-file 
works fine,  but copying 21 little files hangs the machine.

My machine is an A3000 with a 530 MB Fujitsu drive on the internal 
controller.  (I also have a 240Mb quantum prodrive on the same controller). 
Andreas reported his problems on an A4000/040  with 425Mb quantum 
prodrive on a GVP Series II controller.   Could this be a problem 
that only occurs on large (fast) hard drives?


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