Subject: Re: Problems with 1.0 kernel
To: Markus Illenseer <markus@TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>
From: Rob Healey <>
List: amiga
Date: 12/06/1994 07:54:53
> On Dec 5,  4:51pm, Joern Clausen wrote:
> > This is indeed a problem!!! When I use loadbsd, my A3000 is recognized as
> > A500/2000. I have to start NetBSD with loadbsd -c 3000, otherwise I get
> > the message "No root device". This has happend to several people now, and
> > it is very likely, that the detection of the wrong machine causes heavy
> > problems.
>  Hm, i never had such problems with my A3000. You have KS3.1 on ROM?
> I believe that if you have KS3.1 on ROM it is very likely that your 
> machine is recognized as A1200 or A4000 even.
	Incorrect, at least on a 3000. I've had the 3.1 ROM in for quite a
	while and loadbsd 2.9 has no problem what so ever figuring out it's
	on a 3000. Maybe the person isn't using 2.9 version of loadbsd?