Subject: CAP 6.0 and tell ()
To: None <>
From: Stephen Champion <>
List: amiga
Date: 12/04/1994 14:24:19
	I am working on compiling the Columia Appletalk Package v 6.0 for use 
on my NetBSD 1.0 A3000, using gcc 2.6.1.  After several hourse of correcting 
various source incompatibilities, I have found on I had trouble figuring out a 
way around.

	On linking aufs, I got an error saying _tell was undefined.  After 
looking all over the man pages, "ar -t /usr/lib/(each lib)  | grep -e tell"-ing
all the libs, and then every lib on my system, and doing alot of other silly
stuff, I finally just about gave up.  Then it suddenly jumped on my to look
at the man pages of a SunOS 4.1.3_U1 system, where I nicely found some 
information - tell () is obsolete, but is equivilent to lseek (fd, 0L, SEEK_CUR).
I made the changes and gcc was happy.

	Would it be appropriate to include a similar notification in the NetBSD
lseek man page, and link lseek's page to tell?  If so, how would such a change
be reccommended to the people that can make such a change?

	Murphy's Law of Net-posting was higly in effect here - as soon as I started 
to write this as a question, I found the answer :^)

	An another note, would anyone else be interested in my compiled binaries?
I could send them to or (if I get off my lazy ___ and setup
anon ftp) pop them in my own pub.

//  Stephen Champion                   Amiga 3000/25    NetBSD 1.0
//            Binary Arithmetic Student
//         Only the ignorant know everything.
#include "/usr/local/doc/disclaimer"