Subject: A3000/SCSI problems with 1.0
To: None <>
From: Jukka Marin <>
List: amiga
Date: 12/04/1994 16:24:13

I installed a new disk yesterday and run into SCSI problems of some kind.
I'm running NetBSD 1.0 (not beta, but the problem was the same with beta2
when I tried it) on A3000 with 16 MB RAM and two disks (IBM Spitfire and
Quantum Empire 1080).

I was copying a (large) file from one partition to another, both located
on the IBM drive.  Several times during the copy, the system locked up
for approximately 15 seconds at a time, printing an error message to the
comsole.  Here's what the system said:

Dec  3 19:47:03 muikku /netbsd: ahsc0: abort go: csr = 0x41, asr = 0x00
Dec  3 19:47:03 muikku /netbsd: sbicwait TIMEO @416 with asr=x0 csr=x41

The same message was repeated every time the system locked up.  Eventually
the file got copied and appeared to be OK.

What does this error mean?  Can I do something about it?  I don't like
my system locking up when someone copies a file :-I

Otherwise, both drives seem to work just fine.

  Jukka Marin


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