Subject: BFFS and newfs -O
To: NetBSD Amiga <>
From: Matthias Scheler <>
List: amiga
Date: 12/03/1994 10:15:03
    Hi Alan,

you wrote in <>:
> which should give me an OLD file system,  which is BFFS compatible
> (according to Matthias Scheler).

It is. My exchange partition works perfectly.

> Should I be setting any of the other 
> newfs arguments (cylinders,...)?  This is on A3000 SCSI drive.

> Do the newfs parameters have any relation to the BFFS mountlist entry?
> I'm under the impression that the mountlist depends only on the
> HDToolbox parameters.

I added BFFS 1.31 to the RDB with HDToolBox and made the partition automount.

> When I try copying a group of files to the partition from AmigaDOS,
> the copy command hangs after about a dozen files.  Booting up into
> NetBSD reveals filesystem errors,  which fsck fixes.

Which version of BFFS ? I never had this problem.

Matthias Scheler