Subject: Installing V1.0 Problems...
To: NetBSD Amiga <>
From: Alex... <>
List: amiga
Date: 12/03/1994 14:33:57
Hi All,

Having spent the whole of yesterday trying to install Version 1.0 of NetBSD
I have finally decided to turn to you guys for help.  I have had several
problems, some I managed to solve, some I have not.  First off, a bit about
my system:

	A4000/040, WarpEngine 4040, 24MB Ram, Retina Z3 BLT.
	2 x IDE HD on the Amiga side.
		Work:	sd0a @ 345MB,	Tools:	sd1a @ 100MB
		System:	sd1a @ 20MB
	1 x Quantum SCSI for NetBSD - on WarpEngine SCSI bus.
		root:	sd3a @ 20MB,	swap:	sd3b @ 32MB
		local:	sd3d @ 48MB
	1 x SyQuest SCSI2 for NetBSD - on WarpEngine SCSI bus.
		usr:	sd2d @ 255MB

NetBSD recognizes all the drives and their controllers fine etc.  So without
any more fuss here are the problems:

1) Before NetBSD would recognize the partitions I had set aside for it (using
   HDToolBox to make a Custom FS etc) I had to format them to AmigaDOS FFS
   and then set them up for BSD.  After this the BSD install program and
   `disklabel' saw them fine!
2) The BSD install script would not let me select a partition for /usr that
   was not on the same drive as "root" and "swap" - eg. the Syquest.  I had
   to select the partition I set aside for /local on the Quantum and then
   `umount' it, `newfs' the SyQuest, `mount' both of them correctly, and
   rebuild my "fstab"!`
3) By now I had my drives setup correctly so I mounted an ADOS partition and
   tried to extract the distribution using `Extract <basename10>'  "base10"
   and "comp10" extracted fine, but BSD appeared to hang on "etc10", the next
   set.  I found that it would continue to extract if I continually hit the
   RETURN or BACKSPACE keys?!!!  System appeared to read/write from/to disk
   only after each tap of one of the above keys?  Any ideas anyone?  However,
   I finally got everything extracted and proceeded to `Configure':
4) Configure work, so long as I used the BACKSPACE key to force it to output
   each line to the console!
5) Finally configured the system, `halted' and rebooted.  As told by the 
   installation instructions I now booted NetBSD with the command
   `loadbsd netbsd'.  The system booted, printed loads of info about how it
   had found my HD's as usual, and then hung after the line:

	ite2 ath gif2: rows 64 cols 80 etc...

   this one really has got me stuck.  If I then boot using
   `loadbsd -b netbsd' and specify fd0 as my boot device (with the install
   floppy in df0:) and then manually mount all my HD's everything appears to
   be there!  However, the system still seems to hang when printing to the
   console for some command (only outputting stuff when I hit the RETURN

Well that just about covers it!  I really will appreciate anything any help -
being so near, and yet so far (even my Retina is found and I get a sexy
RETINA symbol at the top of the console when NetBSD kick in).  Sorry this
post is so long, but I really didn't know where to turn!

Cheers in advance,

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