Subject: BFFS and newfs -O
To: Netbsd-Amiga List <>
From: Alan Kelm <kelm@aix1.uottawa.CA>
List: amiga
Date: 12/02/1994 21:08:37
I'm trying to create a NetBSD partition which allows Read/Write access 
from the Amiga side using BFFS 1.3.  My first try got corrupted after 
writing more than a small number of files from the Amiga side.

I created the partition under NetBSD using the command
  newfs -O sd0f
which should give me an OLD file system,  which is BFFS compatible
(according to Matthias Scheler).  Should I be setting any of the other 
newfs arguments (cylinders,...)?  This is on A3000 SCSI drive.

Do the newfs parameters have any relation to the BFFS mountlist entry?
I'm under the impression that the mountlist depends only on the
HDToolbox parameters.

When I try copying a group of files to the partition from AmigaDOS,
the copy command hangs after about a dozen files.  Booting up into NetBSD 
reveals filesystem errors,  which fsck fixes.

One more question:  Why does the disklabel command report all partitions 
as BSD4.2  even if they  were not created with the -O option to newfs?


:  Alan Kelm                    :
:  Department of Mathematics,  University of Ottawa,  Canada. :