Subject: Kernel Compilation
To: Netbsd-Amiga List <>
From: Alan Kelm <kelm@aix1.uottawa.CA>
List: amiga
Date: 12/02/1994 14:14:41
Drew <>   asked about compiling the kernel on an
A3000.  Since I haven't seen instructions on kernel compilation posted here,
I'm posting the following instructions,  which were sent to me by David 
Jones.   I made a few minor modifications and additions to them myself.


NetBSD-Amiga Kernel Compilation

The first time,  you will probably want to use the Release 1.0 kernel rather
than the `current' sources. One place to get the sources is  in directory   /pub/netbsd/NetBSD-1.0/source/ksrc10
You will need the files ksrc10.aa through (20 files, totalling
4.7 MB).

- Unpack source code.  It will go into /usr/src/sys   by default

  cd /
  mkdir /usr/src
  cat ksrc10.a?  | gunzip  | tar xvf -

- Configure your kernel:

  ln -s /usr/src/sys  /sys
  cd /sys/arch/amiga/conf
  (edit MYNAME to taste - the comments in GENERIC will help) MYNAME

- Compile:

  cd ../compile/MYNAME
  make >& build.log &

  (Go for a coffee, this takes about 90 minutes on an A3000)

- Inspect build.log for errors.  Assuming none:

- Test:

  cp netbsd /dev/reload

- Assuming that works to your satisfaction:

  cp netbsd /
  (Move to ADOS side for loadbsd)


:  Alan Kelm                    :
:  Department of Mathematics,  University of Ottawa,  Canada. :