Subject: Re: A3000 fpsp?
To: Ulf Kornings , amiga <>
From: Michael L. Hitch <>
List: amiga
Date: 12/01/1994 08:32:34
On Dec  1, 12:11pm, Ulf Kornings wrote:
> 1) Why FPSP enabled in the A3000 cinfig file? Do i need it?

  I have no idea why it is there.  If the A3000 doesn't configure the
68040 CPU, then the FPSP won't be needed.  The only reason for having
the 68040 CPU and FPSP configured in the A3000 kernel would be when using
a 68040 accelerator card in the A3000.

> 2) I noticed that you can changed the font to a 11x8 by setting "kfont11x8".
>    But if i want to have a 6x8 font, what to do?

  There's a KF_CUSTOM config option that lets you include def/kf_custom.c
which can contain a custom font.  You just need to get a 6x8 font into
the kf_custom.c file in the appropriate format.  If there's a 6x8 font
on AmigaDOS, you should be able to use the fontdumper program to create
the file.

> 4) Since i don't have my machine on the net, i was wondering if i need the
>    timed? Because this was the only deamon that was being started and it 
>    prints out a message about that there i no network, do i need it?

  I've got two machines connected via Ethernet, and connect to our campus
network with PPP once in a while, but I've always disabled timed.

> 5) And last do i need to have savecore in rc, because it also give's me 
>    an error messages?

  Since the dump code for the SCSI disk driver is disabled, you will never
get a core dump file to save.  If your running kernel is different from the
kernel in /netbsd, savecore is probably having problems trying to get
information out of the kernel.  For savecore to work properly, /netbsd has
to be the same as the kernel you loaded from.


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