Subject: A3000 fpsp?
To: amiga <>
From: Ulf Kornings <>
List: amiga
Date: 12/01/1994 12:11:32

I have 5 questions:

1) Why FPSP enabled in the A3000 cinfig file? Do i need it?

2) I noticed that you can changed the font to a 11x8 by setting "kfont11x8".
   But if i want to have a 6x8 font, what to do?

3) When i compiled a kernel, i got a warning in kern/sys_process.c on 
   line 198 in function ptrace: 'cast from pointer to integer of diffrent 
   size'. Is this a big problem?

4) Since i don't have my machine on the net, i was wondering if i need the
   timed? Because this was the only deamon that was being started and it 
   prints out a message about that there i no network, do i need it?

5) And last do i need to have savecore in rc, because it also give's me 
   an error messages?

/Ulf Kornings