Subject: X11R6 shared libs, colour servers
To: None <>
From: Tim Walls <>
List: amiga
Date: 10/30/1994 12:41:51
Hi folks!  Me (again (*3))....

  I have just finished installing X11R6-Amiga on my machine, and it works
perfectly (bar swapping like crazy :*);  I do have a couple of small problems
though (uh-oh ;-)...

    o Fvwm looks for an Xpm shared library, which would appear not to be
      in the X11R6-lib arhive....
    o (Possibly related), xv (the version on uni-regensburg, as is the X
      distrib) is looking for some R5 shared libs (in particular, X11.5.2),
      which I don't have;  is there anywhere I can pick up the R5 shared
      libs for compatibility purposes?
    o Is there any way of specifying to the Xamiga server what screen mode
      to use?  (my console has been set up for PAL using iteconfig, but X
      switches into NTSC when it runs).
    o (Again, perhaps related) are there any servers that can use the basic
      chipset for colour modes - say 640x512 with 16 colours?
    o And finally (!!!) - as I said, it swaps like crazy :*).  I'll buy
      some more 32bit RAM soon as poss, but could anyone post me the patches
      to apply to the kernel so it could use my (non contiguous) 16bit
      RAM as well?  (I know it'll be slower, but not as slow as swapping :*)

Ummmmm, I think thats all <grin>.  Sorry about so many questions, but I have
read the X11R5 FAQ, and not found any answers (to these questions, anyway ;).  
Before I go, congrats on the ease of installing the lot - I was expecting a
good deal more hassle :*)

Cheers, Tim.

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