Subject: Darn checksums etc. as usual
To: None <>
From: Tim Walls <>
List: amiga
Date: 10/25/1994 14:48:22
Hi, me again.  Still having the same problems.  (Yup, filesystems shafted,
in particular ADOS ones, but I have just noticed some bizarre filesizes etc.
lists in the BSD partitions too /-|).

Is it at all possible that the NetBSD SCSI driver is trying to DMA transfer
data into memory outside the DMAable address space (in particular, it can`t
DMA into the 4MB RAM block that LoadBSD uses by default, cos thats off the
motherboard) - if so, this could well be the cause of my slightly
bizarre disk problems....  (Although I must admit I can't see how it would
even recognise the disks, let alone mkfs them, if this was the case...).

I tried to try running it without the 4MB block of RAM, (so it would have no
choice about DMAing into DMAable space), but the largest contiguous
block I have apart from the 4MB is a 2MB one, which is enough to boot
but evidently not enough to install, so I can't see if the problems occur.

Could anyone
   a) Tell me if there is a label I could binpatch to make sure the kernel
      knows it can't DMA into this space,
or b) Let me know where I could find a kernel capable of using fragged
      memory, which would then give me 3MB of (DMAable) space, which should
      hopefully be enough to just boot and install, to see if this is or
      isn't the source of problems.

Crossing my fingers (AmigaLINUX isn't an attractive choice ;-), Tim.

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