Subject: NetBSD on my config
To: None <>
From: Laurent DONATO <>
List: amiga
Date: 10/25/1994 08:13:31

Here's my config:
        A500+ (1 Mb chip memory)
        A530Turbo (68EC030 40Mhz,
                   HD 120Mb,
                   4Mb Fast memory 32bits,
                   68882 copro (40Mhz),
                   GVP SCSI)

And I want to replace my 68EC030 with a real 68030 (40Mhz)
Is my config able to run NetBSD and XWindow ?


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Laurent donato
Etudiant en maitrise informatique (UCBL Lyon 1)
Amiga 500+, A530Turbo (68EC030,HD120Mo,4Fast)