Subject: panics
To: None <>
From: Bartholomew Niswonger <>
List: amiga
Date: 10/23/1994 14:52:29
ok.. after my 4th panic in 3 days, its time to sk a few questions...

first what happens:

in the first 3 cases I got --->  panic: kernel jumped to zero
         			 stopped at 0x84010: unlk a6
(in the first one it said -> unlk a6ng)

the fourth was 

vm_fault(e8000, 322e000,3,0) -> 1
type 8, code[mmu,ssw]: 485
trap type 8, code = 485, v = 322e200
pid = 117, pc = 0009B99C, ps = 2300, sfc = 0001, dfc = 0001

panic: MMU fault
stopped at 0x84010: unlk a6

other notes:

I have been using telnet to telnet to localhost, use tip to start a
download, suspend the telnet session (letting the dl run) and then do
what ever in another telnet to localhost session.. This is often
compiling.. sometimes large stuff.. ghostscript

I was always in some situation similar to this when the panic
happened.. although tip was not always running

in the last one, I was in a tlenet session (the only one) pid 117, nd
was compiling some homework with g++ which ws tking WAY too long for a
4 page set of source.. after waiting for about 20 minutes, doing other
stuff.. I got curious and sent an escape to telnet to suspend it and
see what ws happening in the back... thats when the mmu fault
occured.. just fter I sent the CTRL-]

I did a show all procs in db> to see what pid 117 was.. here is what I
hope is all the pertinent info

pid         addr   uid ppid
119 577a00 322a000 10 118 119 004086 3 tcsh 	pause 	322a1c8
118 576c00 3224000  0  73  73 004084 3 telnetd 	select 	adc5c
117 576e00 3208000  0 104 117 05106  2 telnet

the mmu error seems to have something to do with addr 322e000, which I
would think is not in telnet's addr space by the above.. 

sorry I forgot the labels for all the fields, but I tried to fill the
ones I know

now for the questions:

the biggest one is everytime it crashes, I say continue, and it says

syncing disks x x y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y giving up

where x was 5 for the first 3 crashes and 4 for the last one 
      y was 1 for crash number 1,3,4 and 2 for crash 2

what is this all about.. what does it mean giving up???
that really scared me the first time since it was right in the middle
ot writing to the disk, with amigados I would have had major block
error trouble.. but fortunately there seem to be no lasting problems..

everything gets cleared in fsck and nothing is missing.. in fact my
fragmentation which had been on the rise from 0.3 to 0.7 dropped after
the last crash to 0.6 .. oh boy

nyway.. I am not sure this shouldnt have been sent to current-users
instead, but ah well.. 

I hope this is relatively interesting, nd any ideas on cause would be

system info:

A4000/040 6 meg ram (2/4) conner CFA540 IDE drive.. 

NetBSD 1.0 BETA (MINE) #0: Tue Oct 18 00:34:54 EDT 1994

the sources are from bout a week before, and the rest of the system is
from tar balled binariesfrom the week or so before Sept 22

anyother info needed.. just ask


bart niswonger

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