Subject: panics more
To: None <>
From: Bartholomew Niswonger <>
List: amiga
Date: 10/23/1994 15:31:24
well.. it happened again.. another mmu fault.. seems it may be in g++

the only difference between the 2 is that this time the pid was 59,
which is update.. whatever that means

since lst message: I tried compiling the same code on my schools suns
and got and internal compilier error from their g++ version 2.4.5
(same as netbsd's) (error #4)  so I tried their other compilier nd it
worked fine.. since this code was given us by the prof working, I am
glad it does compile.. so I thought I would get gcc 2.6.0 and see if
they fixed whatever the bug is, was ftp'ing it over nd suspend the
local side of tip so I could ply on my own box while the stuff came
onto the school's boxes.. well I had made slight chnges in the
original code, so I tried compiling the original without any
optimiztion.. just straight
g++ -o calc dc1.c

and  few minutes later.. BOOM.. down she goes

the only thing of real note is that when it went to sync the disks it

syncing disks 3 3 done

and my fragmentation went down to 0.5 :)

h well.. I will try with gcc 2.6.0 when I get it all over (long time
from now) .. if anyone is interested in testing the code on their
machine, send a note, I will email it over... its real basic stuff,
nothing funky.. at all



bart niswonger

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