Subject: Cheapest way to get Netbsd/Amiga running on my Amiga 500?
To: None <>
From: B.A. Doehner <>
List: amiga
Date: 10/23/1994 14:21:27
Hi All,

I currently own an Amiga 500 with Supradrive 500XP (shoebox that plugs
into the bus expansion connector on the left side and constains a 50 MB
SCSI drive and 2MB or RAM-2MB fast and 1MB chip ram).  

Unfortunatelly I haven't been using my A500 since I got 2 486's with
linux. However, I now get this urge to bring my A500 back to life as a
NetBSD or Linux box. I would prefer going with NetBSD/Amiga over
Linux/Amiga because it seems NetBSD supports more hardware (am I right?)

Since this is the NetBSD list, I was wondering if any of you are running
NetBSD on an upgraded A500's??

If yes:

1. Does NetBSD support the Supradrive SCSI controller and RAM adapter?
2. What is the cheapest accelerator (probably 68030?) that I can stick
inside the A500 to give it an MMU and preferably an FPU (does NetBSD
require a FPU?).?

3. Is there a source for additional serial port cards that can be
plugged into the bus expansion slot and are recognized by NetBSD as
additional serial port?

4. Is there a source for an ethernet card that plug into the bus
expansion slot (am I dreaming?)

5. Does NetBSD or Linux have more complete and debugged networking?

Thanks for your help and comments....

Bernie Doehner