Subject: screen mode of NetBSD?
To: None <>
From: Heiko Nardmann <>
List: amiga
Date: 10/21/1994 17:05:29
As the subject says I'm interested in knowing which screen mode the
NetBSD kernel uses. I'm using the one released together with the
prerelease2 stuff posted at regensburg. I'm asking due to having
the problem of a flickering screen on my A2024 when starting 

Any idea how to avoid this? I'm currently not capable of compiling
a new kernel 'cause there is no driver for the Evolution controller
(but there will be soon ... :-).

Ciao ... Heiko Nardmann (
         student of computer science
     at: DEC 5000/200, Ultrix 4.4

PS: btw. ... the Evolution controller is equipped with two
    different chips depending on the date of charge; both
    chips are manufactured by Emulex ( The chip
    manufacturing division of Emulex was then sold to QLogic
    ( After contacting QLogic I was promised to
    get the manuals to the following two chips: (number in
    brackets is the description on the chip)

    1) ESP216: SCSI chip supporting 5MB/second; (240008)
    2) FAS216: SCSI chip supporting 10MB/second (24000061)
    (I'm not absolutely sure about the number of zeros)

    A guy from Manhattan Skyline stated that the ESP216 is
    compatible to the 53C94 from NCR which is quite interesting
    for the ones owning a controller from BSC (e.g. Octagon)
    which should be equipped with this chip, too. Although
    the Evolution is a poll controller (sorry ... no DMA)
    sufficient performance should be achieved.
    Further information we (me and another guy with the Evo)
    downloaded some C example code from NCR ( for the
    53C94. We also got some reassembled (Resource) code for
    the AMax Evolution driver. This and the hopefully soon
    coming documentation about the above stated chips should
    be enough.