Subject: Re: silo overflow contd.
To: None <>
From: Jeremy Alan Green <>
List: amiga
Date: 10/20/1994 11:33:55
>Hello NetBSD Amiga,
>I read the 'silo overflow' talk and it says that basically the hardware
>is too slow ... (if I understand well)
>But why then is it that using the *same* hardware (under AmigaDOS) I
>get much performance ? (e.g. ftp: 1500 cps -> 2000 cps).

Also, it seems that other people are getting better performance than I am
with an A2000 and a GVP board.  My 2000 has a 50mhz 030 in it and it is
unusable for transfering files off the net with ppp and ftp.  Is it
something I am doing?  I was trying to download a 5 meg file, whilc should
take a little less than an hour at 14.4, and the estimated time jumped up
to 230 minutes.  Is the serial hardware in the A2000 junk?  My mac which is
a 16mhz 030 can handle 38.4 kbps with almost no problems...
So, does anyone know of any way that I can get a file from my mac the amiga
quickly besides splitting it up into a million pieces and transferring it
on ms-dos floppies?  I tried a direct serial link but that wasn't really
usable either.


                      Jeremy Alan Green