Subject: Re: mount_ados checksum errors
To: None <>
From: Karl Ivar Dahl <>
List: amiga
Date: 10/20/1994 10:10:24
>The sync inhibit code is in the driver.  The symbol is
>_sbic_inhibit_sync and it's a single long word that either inhibits sync
>transfer negotiation on all drives for the 33c93-type controllers, or
>enables sync negotiation on all drives.  The default should be 1, which
>will inhibit sync negotiation.  You have to change it to 0 to enable
>sync negotiation.

Maybe this is a bit on the side, but....
I got a program called SCSI prefs for the A3000 yesterday, and it
could set a bit for synchronous transfer for the A3000 SCSI driver in
novolatile RAM. When I enabeled this, the ADOS side was working OK
(no speed increase though), but the NetBSD boot choked on the first
HD it found. It just hung right after printing sd1d.
(My tape streamer was checked OK) So I wonder exactly
what the sync enable bit on the A3000 controller has to say??
I would believe the NetBSD kernel would fix the synchronous transfer

If I turn it off, does that mean that I can not get ANY sunchronous
transfers on any drives?

Also, I am about to buy a used 500MB Quantum drive. Would you 
recommend me to buy somethig else instead? I read that quantums
were poorly supported when it comes to sunchronous transfers.

I must add that I am using a "bad" Proto Chip. If anyone knows where
to get one cheap, fast and safe, I would like to know. (Preferably
in Norway too :)

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