Subject: Re: mount_ados checksum errors
To: quantum < (Tim Walls),>
From: Michael L. Hitch <>
List: amiga
Date: 10/19/1994 13:48:43
On Oct 19,  3:12pm, Tim Walls wrote:
> Ok, cheers...  The kernel I've got (the 1.0release one) presumably doesn't
> have the SCSI sync inhibit code compiled in (or indeed the debugging stuff),
> 'cos binpatch -s _inhibit_sync can't find the symbol;  (It can't find
> the _sddebug (or whatever it is ;-) debugging symbols either :-(

  The sync inhibit code is in the driver.  The symbol is
_sbic_inhibit_sync and it's a single long word that either inhibits sync
transfer negotiation on all drives for the 33c93-type controllers, or
enables sync negotiation on all drives.  The default should be 1, which
will inhibit sync negotiation.  You have to change it to 0 to enable
sync negotiation.

  There is no _sddebug anymore (and hasn't been for some time).  The SCSI
debug stuff has to be explicitly enabled by an option in the config file,
and also requires a method of enabling the debug mode & level on a per-target


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