Subject: Re: mount_ados checksum errors
To: quantum <>
From: Tim Walls <>
List: amiga
Date: 10/19/1994 15:12:37
>   This is basically a shot in the dark but...from what I gather, NetBSD
>does not particularly like quantum drives.  Try disabling syncronous 
>transfers -- use binpatch on the kernel.  The FAQ may document how to do
>this.  It will be something (very roughly) like:
>   binpatch -s _inhibit_sync -r 0x00010000 netbsd
>where each 00 or 01 pair in 0x00010000 represent a flag for inhibit on or
>off.  The first two digits (00) is the inhibit flags for (scsi) drive 0,
>the second two digits (01) are for drive 1, etc. etc.

Ok, cheers...  The kernel I've got (the 1.0release one) presumably doesn't
have the SCSI sync inhibit code compiled in (or indeed the debugging stuff),
'cos binpatch -s _inhibit_sync can't find the symbol;  (It can't find
the _sddebug (or whatever it is ;-) debugging symbols either :-(

>   This is actually as little bit more than a shot in the probably
>has a 50% chance or so of fixing your problem.  Good luck!

he, well, I'll look for a kernel with it compiled in.  B4 I leave you alone
<grin>, presumably the _inhibit_sync symbol is a word (ie. 8 x 2bits)?
The FAQ doesn't detail it at all (it mentions how to binpatch the kernel
for a Retina display, but 'nought else).

>Brett W.

Cheers for the help,

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