Subject: Re: 68060?
To: Michael K. Sanders <>
From: Ron Roskens <>
List: amiga
Date: 10/14/1994 11:27:09
Direct from the mouth of Michael K. Sanders:
> So, who's going to be working on 68060 kernel support? <grin>
> It would seem that the chip is available now, anyone know if there are
> any tangible cards out yet? Just the thought of an '060 Warp Engine makes
> me drool... 

Well, I was perusing the latest Amiga World, and one of the adverts had one
called the Cyberstorm. Available with '040s also. Optional communications 
module that gave ethernet, scsi-2-wide, and a serial port. Scsi was based on
the Fastlane card. Not much more on it though.

For those with Warp Engines: Why not buy it with no-cpu, get a clock upgrade to
40mhz, get a '040 at 40mhz?

Warp-Engine 25mhz no cpu: $749
           Clock upgrade: $10??
 Motorolla 68040 @ 40mhz: $399
                          $1200~ for a Warp Engine at 40mhz. 
 Compared to the 40mhz  : $1499...

Just curious... 


An A3000 '040-40mhz warp deprived owner.