Subject: / trashed..
To: None <amiga@NetBSD.ORG>
From: None <>
List: amiga
Date: 10/14/1994 01:27:53
Yesterday, I tried the BFFS filesystem to access my / and /usr partitions from
AmigaDOS. I mounted it, and everything looked great. I could dir and cd and
everything. Anyway, I wrote 'copy bf0:' to copy a nice icon
to my root partition (actulallt, I didn't use the device name bf0: but the
volume name). A requster poped up, saying <name> is full. I canceled and when
i dir:ed, there were no files!
I booted NetBSD, which paniced:
/ : bad dir ino 2 at offset 0 : mangled entry
panic: bad dir
stoped at... 

I found a program called fsck on my install disk and ran it on /dev/sd1a.
And after mounting sd1a, i could read it. I renamed all (the one I knew, I
still have 2-3 files called #0010 or something like that) files in / to their o~p
original name and rebooted. During the boot, I was told to run fsck manually,
and so I did. Reboot, and a errormessage says that '..' can't be found.
One problem.. Now I can'r writre to my / anymore!

Well.. what now?