Subject: ADOSFS checksum errors on NetBSD-Amiga
To: None <>
From: Tim Walls <>
List: amiga
Date: 10/13/1994 21:30:12
Hullo folks, me again...
  Since my last message, I've got the kernel to boot (hurrah!), it was
because of the 1MB+ sized kernel file I was using.  I downloaded the
plain "netbsd" kernel file from a sun-lamp mirror, and its working now.
  I do, however, have a new problem :-(.  Going through install.amiga,
I can reach the stage of mounting and formatting the netbsd partitions,
but then problems begin in earnest :-{.  I am trying to mount the
AmigaDos partition where the distributions are, using the commands as
described in the file, but I keep getting error messages like the one
below whenever I try to access files, or even when I try directory
listings etc...
  adosfs: aget: cksum of blok 62612 failed
I have tried two different Amiga partitions, on two different physical
drives, and they all do the same;  It makes no difference if the
partitions have been formatted under 1.3 or 2.04 (FFS on both
occasiona, obviously).  The BSD partitions _appear_ to work OK, but
its obviously hard to tell when there is no way of copying anything
substantial onto them :-|.  In short - help!  Once the thing has decided
that a block is going to be unreadable (and sometimes a dir will be
fine until it makes up its mind!),  it seems quite consistent about it
being that way.
  The partitions are fine when used from the Miggy side, BTW.
  Just in case there is anyone out there who hasn't seen this already,
here is a brief list of my hardware (duller/fuller list is in one of
my previous messages <grin>).
A2000 + CSA-Derringer 030/8882 @ 50MHz
A2091 with Proto chip
4MB 32bit SIMM on Derringer, as used by NetBSD
QuantumP40s and Maxtor 270MB SCSI drives.

  Cheers, Tim the Exasperated ;-)

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