Subject: Argh, loadbsd still crashes
To: None <>
From: Tim Walls <>
List: amiga
Date: 10/12/1994 12:32:39
Hi folks;  its me again...

  After my last message, I decided to get hold of an FPU in the hope that
this would stop LoadBSD crashing, but alas - to no avail :-(.  (Not that
I regret getting the FPU ;-)....  Basically, whenever I "loadbsd" the
kernel in order to set it up as per the install.amiga file, it seems to load
the kernel off disk, but then crashes.  I am a little concerned that the
kernel file seems over 1MB in size, (since loadbsd loads it into the 1MB
chip RAM, this seems bizarre ;-), but only by 34Kb, so I guessed this could
be header or summat.  Anyway, the exact details of my system (sorry if this
is dull and/or irrelevant :*})

  Amiga B2000, rev. 6.2 (from memory ;-)
  CBM A2091 SCSI controller, with the PROTO chip.
    Maxtor 290MB (270 formatted) 3.5" SCSI HD, ID 2, last on chain.
    Quantum P40S 40MB 3.5" SCSI HD, ID 6, first on chain.
  CSA-Derringer 68030RC50 (@ 50MHz) + 68882
    4MB 32bit SIMM on board, @ 0x08C0000
  2MB Supra 16BIT RAM card on Zorro bus
  .5MB 16bit RAM on A2091

  I am using ZKick 3.01 to load a 2.00release kickstart (yes, I was reg.
developer), kickstart 34.5, into RAM - it uses the .5MB on the A2091.
Note that I do have 1MB chip RAM, BTW.  The processor & MMU appear to check
out fine, as does the FPU.  The version of LoadBSD I am using calls
itself 'loadbsd 2.9 (26/6/94)', and I have the kernel 
netbsd.generic-940823;  When I run LoadBSD, it tells me:

  Askboot... Using 4M FASTMEM at 0x08C0000, 1M CHIPMEM

It then accesses the disk for a while, and promptly crashes (black screen,
no response, and then a GURU on reset.).
The partitions are set up as per install.amiga (except with the right f/s
ID for the swap partition :*) on the Maxtor, but I don't see that this should
matter much anyway as it ought to be booting off the floppy (askboot).

Ummmm, I don't think I have any more to say <grin>.  Again, apologies for
the verbosity but this is causing me to tear my hair out somewhat :*)

Cheers.... Tim.

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