Subject: Re: Tar Multi Volume on /dev/fd0
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: amiga
Date: 10/11/1994 10:58:57
>> GNU tar works fine with multiple volumes under AmigaOS using my own
>> raw floppy access method (RDF0:).
>Yeah, I've noticed that too under AmigaOS using the TAPE: device but
>I have a feeling that its down to the good old Amiga device drivers
>rather than the tar command itself.
>I don't know this for sure, its just "Intuition" (bad pun, sorry :-)

GNU Tar does multi-volume in unix too (it was after all originally written
in unix), however, on most unix systems, you must specify the L option with
a disk size, ie 'tar cvfLM /dev/fd0 1440'.

		Mike B

PS: Could someone please reply to this, I'm not sure my mail is getting