Subject: MAXUSERS - not properly set?
To: NetBSD list <>
From: Jukka Marin <>
List: amiga
Date: 10/11/1994 14:29:16
I ran out of process table entries today when testing screen.

I had kernel configured for 48 users (changed that to 64 today) which
should allow for 788 processes; param.c:

#define NPROC (20 + 16 * MAXUSERS)

My Makefile correctly lists the MAXUSERS value (now set to 64):


However, when compiling the kernel, I never saw this symbol being defined
on the command lines.  I don't know how the Makefile is supposed to work,
but obviously MAXUSERS isn't being set correctly and the size of process
table is set to a MUCH smaller value than I expected.

I think I will manually edit the Makefile to get a new kernel, but this
problem should be fixed, IMHO (in case it's a real problem and not me
doing something wrong).



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