Subject: netbsd kernel compiling
To: None <amiga@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Marc Duponcheel <>
List: amiga
Date: 10/10/1994 10:35:02
This is just a forward from what I posted on comp.unix.amiga

Hello Amiga NetBSD developers etc ...

I am trying to compile a kernel (not the very latest one ...
just a kernel to learn how I must do it)
I run prerelease #1 1.0 on a A4000/40 and use gcc 2.6.0
The src is dated Aug 19 (date of CVS Tag files in arc/amiga)

I did the following:

cd arch/amiga/conf GENERIC
cd arch/amiga/compile/GENERIC
make depend

The linker complains about
_memcpy not resolved
(I think I read something similar once ...)
I write a memcpy and now it succeeds

When I loadbsd the new kernel:

1) the screen turns black
2) floppy light flashes
3) hd light flashes twice
4) nothing ...
(I think I read something similar once ...)

A few questions:

1) my GENERIC netbsd is 800Kb and the good one is 1Mb
   that's a big difference ...
2) is the memcpy error important (I would think so)
3) should I go for a newer src ? if yes, is the Aug 19 src bad ?
   btw where is a good site for the src
4) I read in the 386faq about a ksrc directory, here is the SUP line:
(ksrc release=current hostbase=/b/anon_ftp 
base=/usr prefix=/usr backup) 
is this important too ?
5) I also have ftp-ed an include directory which sits next to the sys
   directory in kern/src, is that ok ?
root@netbsd-amiga /var/space/ftp/kern/src # ls
include         sys

PS: I really hope I will once contribute something to the Amiga NetBSD
project ...

BTW: I already ported some things to Amiga NetBSD now I wonder
how those people who contribute compiled soft end up with those
nice packages that contain the binaries and docs ... Can this
be automated ?


-- marc.