Subject: Re: NetBSD and the serial port.
To: Tomas Karki <>
From: Michael L. Hitch <>
List: amiga
Date: 10/07/1994 18:58:31
On Oct  7, 11:26pm, Tomas Karki wrote:
> I have problem with the serial port and NetBSD prerelease 2.
> I want that it should be possible for others calling me, so I did this:
> echo "ats0=1" >tty00
> But when my computer tries to send something to the serialport (I think 
> it is then it happens) the RD/SD LED:s is lit all the time. (I.e. something 
> is sent from/to the modem all the time)
> Have I done something wrong or is there a problem with the serialport 
> handling in NetBSD prerelease 2?

  I would suspect that the modem echo and NetBSD echo is going to cause
you problems.  If the modem is echoing the commands and/or responses,
that echo will be take as input from the serial port on NetBSD.  The
tty input will echo the characters back (to the modem), which will cause
more echoes from the modem back to NetBSD.  Eventually, the tty input
queue is going to fill up, and NetBSD will start sending out bell


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