Subject: silo overflow
To: None <amiga@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Marc Duponcheel <>
List: amiga
Date: 10/05/1994 11:48:06
Hello NetBSD Amiga people,

I am running NetBSD Amiga for a few weeks now and have no fundamantal
problems at all.  In fact I am very impressed by it.

Before I ran NetBSD I used my Linux PC for my UUCP dial-in connection
to my email & news provider. I was very much unimpressed by the
performance of the PC 16450 UART COM: compared to the AmigaDOS SER:.

These are the cps-es I got from a 19200 ZyXEL<->ZyXEL CONNECT

		Linux PC COM:		AmigaDOS SER:

UUCP		700 cps			1400 cps	

sz/rz		1000 cps		2000 cps

So: I *expected* that the NetBSD Amiga performance would be much better
than the Linux PC performance.

In fact, in some sense it *is* better since I find *some* lines
indicating say 1200 cps in the UUCP Stats file *but* most lines
indicate say 700 cps :-(

Also I see messages about 'silo overflow' in my console.

Does someone have better performance with NetBSD Amiga serial port ?

Thanks for any indication or diagnosis.

PS: I did not try sz/rz yet but I will do so this evening @ home

Well, maybe if there *is* a problem with the serial port code, I could consider
digging into it myself ?!?



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