Subject: Re: bsd problems/questions
To: Bartholomew Niswonger <>
From: John Shardlow <>
List: amiga
Date: 10/05/1994 10:03:59
> I really need to get access to the serial port to dialin to my
> university (I am tired of rebooting to use a term prog) and ws curious
> how I might go about doing this...  I hve been playing with cat'ing
> and echo'ing to /dev/tty00, but it doesnt work quite right :)
I use tip and it works OK although it doesn't seem to like it when the
receiving machine uses 8 bit logins.

I used to have kermit which worked fine but I don't have it compiled
for the latest (1.0 beta) release.

> the other thing that would be nice to know is if anyone knows of a way
> of using the parellel port to talk to another machine like a serial
> port .. this is the situation, my room mate has a clone which we would
> like to connect to my machine so he can check his mail from my
> machine, but since my amiga needs the serial port to use the modem, I
> ws thinking of the prellel port (note my keyboard is hving trouble
> with the letter a)  I know there re term progs for the ibm which llow
> you to use the parellel port to tlk to a modem (for the high speed
> ones) and I would think it wouldnt be too hrd too make netbsd listen
> for  connection on the parellel port like it does on the serial, but I
> dont know this for sure..
I'm running TCP/IP over the parallel port with two Amigas and AmiTCP 2.3
but I don't think there is a parallel port TCP/IP driver for NetBSD (yet)
but it would be really nice if someone ported the SPAR or PLIP driver
to NetBSD.

All the SLIP and PPP stuff works fine in NetBSD 1.0_BETA. Just have 
look at the man pages for pppd, chat and slattach.