Subject: Problems with LoadBSD
To: None <>
From: Tim Walls <>
List: amiga
Date: 10/05/1994 09:28:01
Hi there...

    I have been attempting to install NetBSD, but can't seem to get past the first
hurdle (loading the kernel!).

    The system I am using is as follows....

    Amiga 2000
      A2091 HD controller, with two devices - Quantum P40S (42MB) at SCSI ID 6
                                              Maxtor 270MB        at SCSI ID 2
        +.5MB on the card
      CSA-Derringer 030 @ 33MHz, with 4MB SIMM
      2MB 16bit RAM card (Supra Something ;-)

    I have 1.3 on ROM, but 2.00 zkicked into RAM (it is legal, I was a reg. developer!).
I do not yet have a maths coprocessor installed on the Derringer, but the FAQ indicated
that the kernel would boot without it.

    I am assuming that the problem (which I'll detail below ;-) lies either with the
lack of copro, or some stress over the softloaded ROM;  I intend to upgrade both
problems, but I really would like to know what I should replace first in order to be
able to actually boot!  (It may be something else entirely, of course).

    The problem: When I type "LoadBSD -b kernelname", the program whizzes and
churns for a bit, informs me which memory segment it is using (the 4MB 32bit RAM on
the Derringer card), and then almost immediately hangs with a blank screen.
I will post a dump with the -v flag, if it would seem to help (I'd do it now anyway,
but I'm nowhere near my miggy at the moment).

    Cheers for any help...

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