Subject: Re: bsd problems/questions
To: Bartholomew Niswonger <>
From: Alan Bair <>
List: amiga
Date: 10/04/1994 23:01:36
> Hello, I have been running netbsd on my amiga for about 2 weeks now,
> with very few problems, but I do have one question...

Good to hear that things are working.

> I really need to get access to the serial port to dialin to my
> university (I am tired of rebooting to use a term prog) and ws curious
> how I might go about doing this...  I hve been playing with cat'ing
> and echo'ing to /dev/tty00, but it doesnt work quite right :)

Check out the command 'tip' and the file "/etc/remote". The man pages
should provide all the details, but basicaly once you have things setup
you can do something like:

	tip ph#

and it will dial the modem and leave you with a direct connection to whatever
you called.

> the other thing that would be nice to know is if anyone knows of a way
> of using the parellel port to talk to another machine like a serial
> port .. this is the situation, my room mate has a clone which we would
> like to connect to my machine so he can check his mail from my
> machine, but since my amiga needs the serial port to use the modem, I
> ws thinking of the prellel port (note my keyboard is hving trouble
> with the letter a)  I know there re term progs for the ibm which llow
> you to use the parellel port to tlk to a modem (for the high speed
> ones) and I would think it wouldnt be too hrd too make netbsd listen
> for  connection on the parellel port like it does on the serial, but I
> dont know this for sure..
> does anyone have any experience with such  thing ?

Don't know anything about this.

> one other thing :).. is everything I need to use slip already in
> netbsd, or is there more I need (are there any good/current faqs on
> the subject?) ?

Yep, its all there. I just used it the other night for the first time
with this new release. Again you can use tip to get things connected.
Then start SLIP on the remote end followed by SLIP on NetBSD. For more
info look for the Networking-FAQ in the Docs directory on your favorite
NetBSD site. 

> thanks, and sorry about the length (and the lck of a's)

No problem. If we didn't ask questions, the net would loose more than
half its value. Good Luck.

> bart niswonger

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