Subject: No Swap Space
To: None <amiga@NETBSD.ORG>
From: Tom Hayko <>
List: amiga
Date: 10/04/1994 22:42:47
I'm running the pre-release (pre-release-2, I think) of NetBSD 1.0 on my
A4000 with a WarpEngine and a 1 GB IBM Hard drive.  I've got everything
installed using the INSTALL.amiga document, but when I boot up, I get the 
message "WARNING: no swap space found".  If I do a disklabel on /dev/sd1d,
I shows me a partition with a swap filesystem on it.  The swap partition
is on the same physical device as my root, and the identifer is set to
0x4e425501.  What am I doing wrong?

Tom Hayko