Subject: Re: Curses
To: None <>
From: Andreas Heitmann <>
List: amiga
Date: 09/28/1994 09:59:47
Hi !

>>>>> "David" == David Jones <> writes:

    David> I am about to undertake my first application using curses.
    David> I notice in the Sun man page, that SYSV curses will
    David> automatically decode cursor motion keys if the keypad()
    David> function is called.  No such function exists in BSD curses.

    David> Do I have to roll my own - i.e. get a possibly multi-key
    David> sequence and use timeouts to distinguish naked Esc from a
    David> cursor key?

I'm not very familiar with NetBSD-Curses and I don't use it because it
lacks color capabilities. With some minor changes you can get ncurses
to compile (don't flame me, I know that this is Linuxish stuff). It
works with function keys, colors and underline/bold/inverse


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