Subject: Re: Problems with GVP 040/33 and crashes
To: None <>
From: Kevin P. Neal <>
List: amiga
Date: 09/27/1994 15:56:17
> I have got only 4MB on my GVP used by NetBSD, so a lot
> of swapping has to be done. Compiling larger programs
> such as 'origami', a folding editor, it always comes to
> non-reproducable crashes while compiling, mostly jumping
> into the debugger (I think it is one).

I have a stock 4 megs of Fast RAM on my A3000. I get the same problems
as you. Swap intensive activities tend to cause panics and halt the
machine.  This happens every couple of days (I leave the machine on
all the time.) and gets to be annoying as I get email here.

A friend of mine has 8 megs fast, and once in a rare while will have
the same problem.

The machine either freezes with the hard drive light on, or panics
with the light off. Why? Are these bugs in swapper? If so, does that affect
putting in the patches for multiple memory banks? Are these patches stable
when swapper seems to crash anyway?

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