Subject: Re: NetBSD source for Amiga?
To: None <>
From: Daniel Widenfalk <>
List: amiga
Date: 09/27/1994 12:22:13
Hello again!

As I seem to have started a little debate about how hard it is to reverse
engeneer a driver, I'd just like to say:

If a driver was hard to create, the code is either:
   1) Badly done. (Which I do NOT think it is, since my card works great!)
   2) Have to deal with complicated harware interface.
   3) Have to deal with hardware bugs.

In cases 2 and 3 the programmer has already implemented the tricks in the
driver, and all (?) I have to do is disassemble his code and see what he does.

I admit it won't be easy, and hardware docs are a great help. But as I almost
said, the hardware docs are implemented in the driver!

Enough about that! I know I'll trash my HD a lot of times, but I WILL SUCCEED!
Even if it takes me a year or two.

To help me somewhat I'd like to know which hardware/software revisions of
the FastlaneZ3 card is out in action. If you can help me, send HW/SW revisions
Please include your own e-mail address if I need to ask further questions.

And Matthias S., if you know the programmer. Can you give me his e-mail adr.
Ask him first! I don't want to mail to somebody who doesn't want me to mail to

I like to read my mail, so responses are apreaciated. Help is accepted. And
checks can be send by mail to me. (I don't know why anybody would send me
checks, but I can allways hope :-)

/Daniel Widenfalk

P.S. If anybody happens to sit on the HW/SW docs for the FastlandZ3, let me
     know. It would be embarasing (corrent?) to reinvent the wheel. D.S.