Subject: NetBSD source for Amiga?
To: None <>
From: Daniel Widenfalk <>
List: amiga
Date: 09/25/1994 12:27:03

I've recently installed the 1.0-pre-release2 binary distribution from om my Amiga and since it works very well I'd also
like to have the kernel source code so I can fix my own FastlaneZ3 driver
and some other personal touches.

I got some source from something,
it was called bsdsyssrc744.tar.gz and contained a lot of source. I also
got src0712.tar.gz from the same site.

This is all very nice, but I can't for my life find an IDE driver in the source
so I'm wondering if I've got the correct realy up-to-date latest brand new
version. If anybody know where I can get my greedy hands on this little
diamond of software source, please let me know!

My config contains SASC under AmigaDOS (Of course :-) Sad about SAS dropping
support though!) and C, C++, Gnu C & C++ under NetBSD, so I think I have 
enough tools to get something running.

Happy NetBSD'ing from home
/Daniel Widenfalk