Subject: Notes on instal of pre-release-2
To: Amiga NetBSD - General <>
From: Alan Bair <>
List: amiga
Date: 09/25/1994 01:00:39
I picked up the 1.0-pre-release-2 on and installed
it this weekend. During the install process I noted the following things
that I wanted to pass along to the developers.

1. I happened to have two root partitions online when I was running the
	installation. The scripts found both, but automatically chose the
	last one to use as root. It may be a good idea to add a list and
	have the user pick one like is done for /usr.

2. The end of the initial install script mentions about putting the kernel
	on the new root, but that is the only time this is said. This 
	should probably be added to the install docs, since the kernel is
	needed to have some of the tools work, like ps.

3. When I followed the install docs and went to edit some of the files in
	/etc, I found that vi failed due to TERM not being set. This was
	in single user mode. It gets set properly in multi-user mode.

4. This is not as important, but there should be a mention about linking
	/etc/localtime to the proper file.

5. It was not clear where the xxxx10.?? distribution files should be stored
	on the AmigaDOS side. I ended up putting them in subdirectories
	like they were on the FTP site just to safe. Then I cd'd into each
	of those directories, ran Set_tmp_dir and Extract xxxx10. This may
	have been over kill, but I wanted to make sure things were extracted
	correctly. Would it have been OK to just put all the xxxx10.?? in
	one directory and run Set_tmp_dir just once?

Other than these, everything installed with no problems. Then when I did the
multi-user boot, I ran into the following.

1. fsck on root had some files it had to fix. I'm not sure why these occured
	since I shutdown correctly. Oh well.

2. As the startnet script ran, the following error message occured bad value

	I don't see what is wrong here, except the hostname is >8 chars.

3. I keep getting the following message from ttyflags & getty

	/dev/ttye1: Device not configured

	Do I need to make some change in ttytab or somewhere else?

Overall, this is a much improved installation method. Thanks to all the
people involved in this and NetBSD in general.

Alan Bair             		MCTG AMCU DSCS
Motorola, Inc.            	    (Design Software &
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6501 William Cannon Dr. West	(512) 891-2336
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