Subject: NFS problems.
To: Amiga <>
From: Michael K. Sanders <msanders@WPI.EDU>
List: amiga
Date: 09/23/1994 17:20:53
I'm attempting to export a local directory to another machine, and
it's not working... My /etc/exports file is as follows:

/local/home/msanders -maproot=msanders

But when I try 'mount /local/home/msanders@ataxia.res $HOME/ataxia' from
bigwpi, I get the following error:

  nfs_mount: ataxia.res:/local/home/msanders server not responding:
  RPC: Authencitation error; Why = Client credential too weak
  nfs_mount: access denied for ataxia.res:/local/home/msanders

Soo... Any suggestions what I'm doing wrong?

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