Subject: NetBSD works better than for two days ago!
To: None <>
From: Daniel Widenfalk <>
List: amiga
Date: 09/23/1994 11:49:20
Hi again!

Have anybody experienced diffrent behaviour from NetBSD depending on the
order of extraction of the bin-dist archives?

I had trouble locating the man-page for vi and the ps command yesterday, so
I decided to reinstall NetBSD from scratch. And guess what! This time there
were no problems! I used the same files as the last time! VERY strange!

What I guess I did was to mix up two of the archives, i.e. I extracted the
same archive two times instead of two archives one time each. But, this
doesn't quite fit what I saw on my HD? There were a lot of man pages there,
but not the vi page? VERY odd!

So, after my second install everything looks to be working great!

Thanks goes to: (in no particular order)
Gred Oster
Chris ...
Karl Hultland
Sebastian ...
for giving their aid.

I'm now up and running NetBSD and will continue so happily ever after!

/Daniel Widenfalk

P.S. If anybody out there is developing a driver for FastlaneZ3, let me know.